Go Big or Go Home!

You would think that packing to move to a new house after 13 years would be enough excitement for one family, but that’s not how we roll.  These days, we go big, and somehow, one dose of excitement doesn’t seem to be enough.  During the past seven days, Will was on call for three days straight, during which he completed ten surgeries, we hosted 25 people for Passover while packing to move for the first time since having children, moved from our old house to our new house, and while we were carrying boxes into our new house, I got a message that Benji’s long anticipated TEDx talk was ready to be viewed! So, here’s Benji, telling his story, the way only he can, with humor, honesty and a most unique perspective.

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Benji, Autism and an Epic Milestone

The doctor’s expression told me everything I needed to know about my three-year-old son. Her words confirmed that speaking, learning, and socializing were likely to be difficult or impossible due to the diagnosis that was still echoing in my brain: Autism Spectrum Disorder. "Take him home and love him,” she said.

Of course I would love him; I just had no intention of stopping there.

Ten years later, we stand together as mom and child overlooking an audience of 250 family members and friends. This is a day like no other and one that we only dreamed could be possible. Today is Benji’s Bar Mitzvah.

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