Summer Paradise


Greetings from Benji! Starting today, I will be writing this blog most of the time. 

Stunning, Marvelous, and packed with adventure are the perfect words to describe the summer of 2017. I went to camp with my best friend. I went to a different camp than I did last year. My camp is located in Northeast Pennsylvania, about 30 miles from Hancock, New York. I learned to climb the rock wall with complete confidence, went down the zip line without hesitating, and tried lots of other camp adventures. I also went kayaking and for the first time ever...and yet another first for me, I made more than one friend in only two months! I sang and danced in a play, I slept in a bunk with six other kids (and no air conditioning), I ate food without my favorite condiment, ketchup (well, I skipped the ketchup at least a few times), and used my flexible brain way more often than usual.I also shared my TED talk (in case you missed it, here’s the link: )  about my journey with autism and it was super popular amongst the entire camp! Overall, I had a great experience at my new camp and I like it much more than the last one. I can’t wait for camp next summer.  Only 263 more days to go!