Autism Life

I have been told that I am very good at explaining what it feels like to have Autism. This might be because I can express myself clearly, I personally experience it every day and I have a clear memory of everything I did. I am often told that I never forget a thing (except according to my mom, to remember to put my dirty clothes away).


 My biggest hope for the future is to try to find better resources to help those with Autism. I know exactly what helped me and want to share my therapies with the world so other people with autism can also access their talented souls. Something that helps me today is running. Running helps me feel calm and focused. When I was little, something that helped me was movement therapies, such as HANDLE and the Masgutova method. These methods help my overexcited nervous system calm down. These are exercises that look and feel like massage, but they actually go to my brain to help me tune the parts of life that stress me out.


 One of the stumbling blocks of living with Autism is people with Autism often have talented souls, but can’t access their talent. This might be because of poor social skills. It could also be a weakness with fine motor skills. Another possibility is some people with autism have trouble ‘tuning out’ the noises around them. All of these factors can contribute to not being able to fluently put people on the spectrum’s talents to work. I hope sometime soon we can find a way to minimize symptoms of autism and maximize potential of people with autism.