Meet the Gans Family

Benji Gans


Benji Gans is 15 years old.  He is fluent in Hebrew, plays several instruments, and has an uncanny memory for details.  His peers refer to him as Ben-gps because he can tell you how to get anywhere in the United States even if he has only been there once.  Benji was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was three years old.  Learning to talk was extremely challenging for him.  Many experts wondered whether Benji would ever learn to communicate.  Now, a decade later, Benji has a remarkable ability to articulate what it is like to have autism and how he has managed to overcome many obstacles at such a young age.    

Carly Gans

Carly Gans is 11 years old.  She is an accomplished dancer and gymnast, known to her friends as superflexible, so much so that they sometimes wonder whether she has a spine!  Carly is kind, caring and can be quite compassionate (except when her brother pushes her buttons).  She is an aspiring lawyer and at times, her arguments are so convincing that one may think he/she is attending a trial!  Carly is often referred to as “tiny but mighty.”  90% of the time, she is a fantastic younger sister.  10% of the time, she doubles as Benji’s second mother :)

Will Gans

Will Gans is an amazing Dad who also happens to be a medical doctor.  He is the family’s voice of reason. He also has a fantastic sense of humor.  Debby believes it was his Will’s ability to find humor in the insane that helped them survive the baby/toddler years!


debby gans

Debby Gans is a first and foremost, a mom.  Her other claims to fame include writer/newly minted blogger, professional photographer, teacher, avid reader, and former wedding cake maker.  Her experience raising Benji has helped her to become a champion of optimism.